Jun 10

Passionate about you

A suspense element that grips you through to bring a smile at the very end!

Apr 30

My Hajj journey and experiences

All praises are due to the Almighty that I was able to perform my mandatory pilgrimage (Hajj) along with my wife in the year 2012. Hajj is INDEED a magical journey that should be experienced by every able believer. Reflecting back on this magical journey, there are countless lessons to be learnt and shared.


Makkah Masjid Rush - 1 Crowds - General

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Apr 30

My Hajj Notes

I had prepared the following two files during my preparation stage.


I hope they help you prepare better. Please remember us in your supplications and hope you have an accepted Hajj!

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Apr 30

Hajj Shopping & Packing List

As any travel, it is best to plan your journey. Even better to carry all essential items with you. I’ve listed below a shopping list that I had prepared. It is neither an exhaustive list nor is it a core list.

There were items that I didn’t carry and also items that I carried but never used! You can identify the essential items that relate to you. If in doubt, don’t carry them as you can purchase them (if/when needed) during your stay in Saudi Arabia!

Feel free to use this Hajj Shopping & Packing List Template as a guide for your usage!
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Apr 30

How to select a Hajj agent

In addition to giving due consideration to family / business / employment commitments, listed below is a non-exhaustive list factors to consider before shortlisting your Hajj Agent. As this is not a book, I’d only give teasers for points to consider before making your decision.

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May 01

Being Grateful | Scuba Diving

I love diving and am always on the lookout for the best dive sites around the world. My last dive (pictured above right) was done in June 2010 during a clean up campaign. Almost 2 years since, I hadn’t gone diving!!! Needless to say, my craving had reached to levels that I cannot explain. What did I decide? Night Dive!!! This was the best way I thought I could flush the 2 year long craving off my system! Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 10

My PMP Study Plan & Materials

As indicated in my previous post, this post is meant to share my study plan and materials. I’ll also list a few tips that will help you overcome the examination. Read the rest of this entry »

Jan 02

My journey to achieving PMP

August 11th, 2011: As a result of my post titled “Is a Project Management Certification Worth it?”, I was involved in several constructive talks and was even hinted by few individuals that I shouldn’t have made comments especially since I wasn’t certified.

October 18th, 2011: My friend, Paresh Nagar whom I hadn’t heard from in several months sends me an email regarding his interest in registering for a PMP Exam preparation course running between October 29th 2011 and December 10th 2011. I immediately contacted Paresh wishing him luck and he asked me if I wanted to join him for the course. I unfortunately had to turn it down primarily due to my intended travel plans that coincided with major portions of the course. Read the rest of this entry »

Oct 16

Insurance Claim Process & Customer Experience Management

Often when I’m working on an initiative, there are many people who are inquisitive to find out what Business Process Management is all about, why is there so much of talk about Customer Experience Management, what techniques do I deploy, amongst several others. I endeavor my best efforts to educate them in the limited time that is made available with practical examples and case studies. Needless to say, majority of them find it promising and commend this discipline and immediately begin to reflect on how they can bring about a positive change in their organisation. The examples were well received with a constructive feedback for me to dedicate a few posts on simply articulating those examples in my blog. So, here is an example of a Claims process for a Property insurance product! Of course, I’ll also be touching on its relevance to Customer Experience Management. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 11

Is a Project Management Certification Worth It?

At the outset, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not taking a dig at the Project Management (PM) certification providers or certified PM professionals. I also congratulate those who have taken the time and effort to get a certification in PM. Being certified would mean that they have fulfilled the criteria of a certain number of minimum working hours in leading projects along with passing a form of test. Back in 2001, my then colleague had told me that the situation in Dubai was based on the principle “Experience will get you the job but certification would get you the money”. It’s been a decade since his saying and things have obviously changed. Aside from the personal feeling of achievement, what compels people to get a specific certification?  Is frequent mention on the job boards a valid reason for a certification? Read the rest of this entry »

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