Jul 13

Knowledge is Power – Hello world!

“Hello World” means a lot to me. Not only does it remind me of my programming subjects and lecturers during school days, it also reminds me of the fun days that I had then! We all miss our school days and in our conversations regards those fun-filled days, one can easily notice the enthusiasm when he/she speaks. I’m sure you will agree that a school related conversation / reunion is always refreshing!

Speaking about school, my high school motto is based on a saying by Francis Bacon, Sr. “Knowledge is Power”. I’m a firm believer of this and also believe that knowledge is meant to be shared. People who know me have often heard me say “Sharing is Caring”. This website is an attempt to share and I hope it will help us all.

Individuals who are studying or intend to study (irrespective of your age and subject), I cannot stress the importance of understanding the subject’s concept he/she undertakes. The learning curve might be steep, but it will definitely bear its fruits! Don’t try to cram things for the sake of scoring good marks or earning certification. Eventually, you would need to maximize your knowledge and see how best it would suit you / your organization. By better utilizing your knowledge / skill set, you should be able to create a positive impression that should help in your career advancement.

There is a school of thought which is of the view that “One should not let out key information on how you do your job lest the company terminates you”. There is another school of thought which is of the opinion that “One of the ways to get promoted is to make yourself redundant”. An ex-colleague, Felice Marcuccilli, is an ardent follower of this. While there are several other opinions which would differ from the type of organization, culture, management style, etc…, my experiences from sharing knowledge and not withholding information has only helped me for the better, thereby agreeing with Felice’s view.

Organisations are also focusing their attention towards Knowledge Management. You may want to debate that this term is just another fad and if you ask my opinion, I would rather not enter the debate for the following reason. As indicated in this post, I prefer understanding the basic concept, its principles and take those into my daily routine to see how best I can maximize / add value to an organization or me as an individual. Now, whether I call this Knowledge Management, or any other term, or it sits as another task on my job description – what’s important for me is to see how the organization benefits in the long run and achieves Business Continuity with the least impact and resources.


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  1. ShaX

    Good Going! This ‘Hello World’ will take you on a long journey. Wishing you all the very best. And congrats on the first page.

    Take Care,

  2. Bianca

    “Don’t try to cram things for the sake of scoring good marks or earning certification. Eventually, you would need to maximize your knowledge and see how best it would suit you / your organization.”…… Too true and I can relate. Wish someone had told me this during my studies.

    Good read :) Keep it coming.

  3. Bianca

    Good advice Noaman. I can especially relate to the cramming for good grades to earn that certification. Loses its meaning if you can’t use what you’ve learned in your job or if you’ve chosen to learn things with little relevance to your job.

    Look forward to the next post.

  4. Paras Tolani

    I remember my programming days almost a decade ago. I still remember the sense of satisfaction and pride it gave me on the first successful execution of “Hello World” in c++ 10 years back. After that many more “Hello World”‘s have evolved, into more complex systems I have designed for personal or professional use.

    Just like this, it is very important to realize how small steps can help in achieving bigger things. Looking back we probably would laugh at anyone who made a mistake in their “Hello world” program. But to correct the mistakes is like a blessing which will help you go further further away.

  5. Paras Tolani

    btw..Mabrook on your first post. It is a good feeling to have a portal for sharing information, be it just plain text or blog. The long ride of sharing knowledge will definitely be worthwhile.

  6. Neeil Bhatia

    Hi Noaman,

    I am a firm believer of ‘Knowledge is Power’. In fact I wish Gulf countries understood this 30 years ago, then today we would not have encountered deeper recession in Dubai. People in UAE still believe that ‘Money buys Knowledge, so why gain one’!

    Well done! Very good writing!

    Neeil Bhatia

  7. Anas Siddiqui

    Bookmarked. Looking forward to some regular interesting posts. Good start!

  8. Nisha Malik

    “Hello World” reminds me of coding at UOW and “Knowledge is Power” of School anthem :)
    It was a surprise cum delight to see quotes from FM 😉
    Awesome peice of work Noaman!
    Great start and wish to see how you further build this site.

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