About the Blog

My blogs would entail views on Business Process Management, Project Management, Change Management, Digital Media Development and Strategy Deployment . These shall be based on my experience, industry standards, methodologies, industry best practices, and much more.

Target audience:

Decision Makers- The blogs will give you a feel of how you can better align your processes to your corporate strategy by deploying efficient and effective processes, thereby improving / increasing productivity. There are several techniques to improve processes from a cost and/or time and/or customer interactions and/or quality standpoint. Feel free to contact me for a consultation and I’ll be glad to share finer details.

Aspiring professionals: You will gain insight on these concepts and how to execute these. I shall also try to post few templates to assist you in your work. Feel free to contact me if you have any query or require an opinion on a related topic and I’ll happily blog away on that subject!

I hope that the blogs initiate some spirited conversations within you and/or your organisation. Needless to say, I shall keep you up to date with papers published by me (available for free).

About Me

I, Noaman Sayed, am an independent analyst and consultant focused on Business Process Management, Project Management, Change Management, Digital Media Development and Strategy Deployment since 2002. I have a Masters degree in Business Information Systems from University of Sydney, Australia.

Currently residing in Dubai, I’ve worked with government and private companies such as Dubai Customs, Gulf News, Procter & Gamble, University of Wollongong, Smarter Clothing; amongst several others.  These experiences has significantly helped me enrich my leadership, communication and analytical skills as I have managed and led large teams for corporate projects.

I have over seven years of professional experience in the corporate world with particular concentration in the following areas:
* Business Process Management
* Project Management
* Organisational Change Management
* Digital Media Development
* Training & Consultancy

I love my work and enjoy each new project as I get it. On my personal side, I thoroughly enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, rafting, canyoning along with other sports such as table tennis, tennis, squash and basketball. Feel free to surf through my website and don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can be of service to you.

Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Paras Tolani

    You dint mention your programming experience.!!
    Good going. I like your profile.

  2. Nisha Malik

    You missed out on SmarterClothing… I think the experience you gained there has a great contribution to your knowledge esply in the feild of BPR.

  3. azita saghei nejad

    i am master of project management and and 11 years experience in oil and gas project and have plan to be pmp in august 2012 . what do u thing a bout this resume for work in dubai?

    1. Generally speaking, there are opportunities our here in Dubai for experiences Project Managers within O&G industry. Needless to say, having local experience + multilingual skills would be an added advantage. Having said that, every employer looks for something different.
      All the best with your PMP certification and job junt!

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