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  1. John Dee

    I liked your article about the PMP test. I tried the test 2 years ago and failed first time. I did read the PMBOK guide and did lots of tests including : CROWE,
    Head First etc and was getting 80/85% right before the test .

    I taught i was well ready for the test. I did notice however a lot of questions on the day that i never came across before . Also the reading tex was full page which took up a lot of time. At the finish line i was out of time …
    and guessing answers.

    Later after doing a little research on line i did notice the only person that had the type of questions asked was : Oliver Leahmann !

    Sense that time i have been very busy with work . I work as project manager in NY. I guess i have forgot most of the material now , but would love to try again . I got a lift from your letter !

    John .

    1. They key is to try and do as many practice tests as you can, review the answers, ponder over where you scored wrong and why. Understanding the concepts across all PMBOK areas are important. Your last attempt was 2 years back, so you may have to overcome some change of content / terminology since.

      I’m always a ping away should you require any assistance. As always, good luck in working towards gaining the certification!


  2. Sewatkar

    Hi Noaman,

    I read your post on PMP. I’m very impressed with what you have jotted down. It is also very inspiring and gives confidence to someone who is starting to prepare for the exam. I had a few queries : Reg the 35 hours of Prep from REP I was wondering if there is a way to get it online somewhere? Is it a absolute must? I am living in Belfast, UK. Most of the courses offerred here by REP are exorbitantly costly. Else If I am not able to get(35 hours of Prep from REP) should I go for a CAPM ? Though I already have experince of more than 6 +yrs. I understand CAPM is not as credible as PMP, but would it be of any help to do CAPM and then go for PMP? Please advice.


    1. Hi Sewatkar,

      Nice to hear that my post is meeting its objective by inspiring and motivating those who wish to take the examination.

      Yes, 35hours of formal project management education is mandatory for PMP. However, it is not necessary that they be REP. REPs generally charge more than the other channels. What are the other channels? Well – Employer sponsored programs, local training companies or consultants, distance learning companies (this is where the online-component comes in handy), university/college programs, etc… As long as they can be logically mapped to the PMBOK knowledge areas, they can be counted towards your hours for project management. Note: Self-study doesn’t count towards the hours.

      If you are looking for a cost-effective package and you are fine with online means, check out PM Prepcast This should be a lot affordable $129.99 to help you achieve the required number of hours with an access to lot more content.

      Personally, I wouldn’t give a second thought to dive straight into PMP. If you are confident and experienced, why do CAPM? PM Prepcast is very affordable for those who are confident in their abilities. They also have an offer this month to save further $20 if you register before end of this month. Coupon code: “Jan12”. And, if you are only looking for REP certified providers, PM Prepcast is PMI REP approved too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have access to this information else I would have used this means as opposed to spending manifold on a local training provider. Regardless, all’s well that ends well! If you are looking for some lecture style delivery with a blend of video conferencing – you could look at

      Hope the above helps, if not – feel free to ask!

      Good luck

  3. Imran

    Hi Noaman,
    Can you please let me know the institute from where you did your PMP training in Dubai.

    1. Noaman Sayed

      Hello Imran,
      Thank you for your visit. I’ve sent you the requested details to your email.
      Good luck!

  4. upendra

    Hi Noaman

    I liked your stuff, really appriciating about your efforts to publish this high quality content. I am planning to attend pmp exam in september. Now i am going through PMbok5. your advice and guidence i needed.

    Please reply to my mailid if possible

    Thanks & regards

  5. Adil Khan

    Hi Noaman,

    I needed some advice regarding PMP examination. Somehow i could relate to your experience in jumping into PMP and just wanted a second opinion on something which is getting harder to decide. I have planning to register with platinum CPD for session starting from 7th Aug. I really wanna go for online trailing by simplilearn mainly because its way cheaper. Anas is charging me 10 times what i will be paying doing online training.

    1. Noaman Sayed

      Hi Adil,

      Thank you for your message.

      Since you say that you could relate to my experience, I assume that you have an all round end-to-end Project Management experience. Therefore, if you feel that you’ll be committed and charged throughout via e-learning channels and dedicated study patterns – save some $$$ and go for it!

      However, if you reckon that you may not be as charged as you would in a physical classroom, then a classroom sitting would be required. I know people who have lost their motivation even after attending classroom sessions. So, it really depends on your dedication and intent.

      I don’t know if the above helps you, but it’s the only response I can give based on your message contents. Feel free to contact me on my mobile number should you need further information.

      If you need to speak to someone who has done the route – let me know.


  6. Walan

    Hi Noaman,

    I am planning to write my PMP exam in the coming 3 to 4 months, I need to your kind advice which of the following online training is better :

    Or :

    Waiting for your input to make my decision.
    Thanks in advance for your great professional support and feedback.

    1. Noaman Sayed

      Hi Wallan,

      Thank you for stopping by my website.

      It is nice to see that you have short listed two providers.

      Personally, I don’t have first-hand experience from pmpchamp nor pmpchampion. As such, it would only be apt if I give a response accordingly. If you are an experienced Project Manager, it doesn’t matter which training provider you choose as you will be able to relate the terminologies and their application to your experiences very easily. However, if you consider yourself rusty in Project Management – I would suggest contacting individuals who have attended courses from the providers you have mentioned and make an informed decision.

      However, I firmly believe that if an individual has sincere passion to do self study, follows a strict study pattern and is dedicated consistently throughout the entire course – pmpchamp or pmpchampion or even other training provider should not really matter. As a famous saying goes – “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Similarly, you can attend the best course under the best trainers – however if the student him/herself isn’t showing the will to take the leap, it won’t help.
      All the best mate,

  7. Masoud Mohamed

    Hi Noaman,

    Read your articles related to PMP and PMP Study plan. Insha’allah, I am sitting for PMP exam soon.

    Give your expert suggestions to get through it. Thanks.

  8. Rakesh Nayak

    Hi Noaman,

    I have started my PMP preparations today and look forward to sit for the exam with in a month. Could you please share with me your email address so that I can discuss my confusion about the exam application process?

    Your help is much appreciated.


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