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Oct 16

Insurance Claim Process & Customer Experience Management

Often when I’m working on an initiative, there are many people who are inquisitive to find out what Business Process Management is all about, why is there so much of talk about Customer Experience Management, what techniques do I deploy, amongst several others. I endeavor my best efforts to educate them in the limited time …

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Aug 25

Cause and Effect Analysis

The purpose of a Cause-and-Effect analysis is to identify the cause(s), factor(s), or source(s) of variation that may lead to a specific event, result, or defect in a product and/or process. The Ishikawa diagrams (aka Fishbone Diagrams or Cause-and-Effect diagrams) is simply a tool to be used along with Brainstorming and the 5 Whys. These …

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Aug 03

Building a Firm Foundation for Excellence

The summer break is going on and very soon the stores will have “Back to School” promotions / offers. Am I selling or promoting a stationary store in this post? Definitely not!!! So what does achieving excellence got to do with “Back to School” lingo?

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Jul 24

Dimension “Time” on Business Process Improvement

Swamped with orders, papers, files, reports, tasks, records, meetings? Traditionally in a process improvement initiative, the approach has been to what people do in a process, how we can speed up their steps to assist in increasing people & process efficiency. The all important question is: Are we really competitive in the market? Do we …

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Jul 13

Knowledge is Power – Hello world!

Knowledge is Power

“Hello World” means a lot to me. Not only does it remind me of my programming subjects and lecturers during school days, it also reminds me of the fun days that I had then! We all miss our school days and in our conversations regards those fun-filled days, one can easily notice the enthusiasm when …

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